Day: January 19, 2022

Sleep is a state that, through certain neurophysiological, chemical, and psychological changes, enables us to be physically, mentally, and emotionally productive the next day. Human sleep can be divided into several stages: FIRST STAGE (it can also be called relaxed wakefulness) is superficial sleep. During this period we are still awake, but breathing rate, pulse […]
Prejudices about hostels still exist. We will try to dispel them and give some practical advice on how to choose a hostel, what to be prepared for and how to behave during the stay. Stereotypes There is an opinion that a hostel is something like a student dormitory, where it is noisy and dirty. In […]
Do you know a situation like this? You accidentally find yourself in a foreign city, and there are no rooms in the hotel… Or these places are so expensive that your wallet will become much thinner after a night spent in an apartment. If there is anything left in it… What’s the solution? Of course, […]
Appreciating sleep. A common attitude toward sleep as something that is not a bad thing to have, instead of a “must have good quality. The value of sleep should be understood and accepted. Make sleep your priority–changing something in your behavior rather than stopping at the intention. Put sleep at the top of your list […]
There are many different opinions about how much sleep a person needs in order to feel awake and full of energy. But you will probably agree that after waking up each of us wants to be in a good mood and have enough energy to face the new day. And what to do in the […]

Cooling mattresses are especially popular in hot weather climates but can be a great addition to any bed. They work by circulating air around the body and providing a cooling sensation that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.