How not to spend the night on the street in a foreign city ?

Do you know a situation like this? You accidentally find yourself in a foreign city, and there are no rooms in the hotel… Or these places are so expensive that your wallet will become much thinner after a night spent in an apartment. If there is anything left in it… What’s the solution?

Of course, it’s better to plan everything in advance. And the trip and the accommodations. But, sometimes His Majesty Chance intervenes – and you are alone with the unknown in a foreign, so unfriendly city. But there is no hopeless situation. Not on the bench in a dark park overnight! If you find yourself in a difficult situation during the day, the problem is solved simply.

Buy a fresh local newspaper at any newsstand and look for the ads for the rented apartments. It is better for daily rent. If you need only one night – it will be cheaper to rent a room in the apartment with the owners.

If the night is coming, it is better to get acquainted with your compartment mates on the train or bus and ask them to help you spend the night.

The main thing is not to be shy, and feel free to make friends. Let your tongue lead you to Kiev. I remember our trip to Sukhumi to visit relatives. It was long ago… There was no daytime train from Sochi, so we arrived at our destination late at night. In the compartment we met a beautiful Greek woman. We got to talking. We explained that we would have to spend the night at the station, because we didn’t have time to send a telegram to our relatives. She immediately invited us to her place, and in the morning she took us to the indicated address. There are many more good people than there are bad crooks.

We corresponded with this beautiful woman for many years. Of course, you can spend the night at the train station. Better if it’s in the common room. True, there are rarely vacant seats. In the waiting room you will not be wished a good night. You don’t have one! Regular announcements on the radio and checking documents by the police is unlikely to help you rest. If you have a large company – it is best to rent a sauna for the night.

Believe me, it will be cheaper than a hotel for everyone. Moreover, saunas at night give great discounts. There’s both a table and a house. Clean linen, sofas, wide bed. You’ll also get a bath!

Always provide overnight accommodations and monasteries. No one promises luxury apartments there, but a clean bed and a modest dinner guaranteed. We once used such a service in Italy ourselves. Going to Rome we called all hotels – everywhere there was a full house. Then we decided to try our luck in a monastery – and we immediately found one. However, in the Italian monasteries you will definitely be charged for accommodation and meals.

And yet it is better to plan your trip in advance. Now that the Internet is so developed, it’s easy to do this. You register on social networks and find people from the city or country where you are going. All at once throw them a cry for help. The main thing is to formulate your SOS in the right way. I usually write as follows – “I need your help.

And I state the essence of it. Briefly and clearly. Out of 20 people 5-6 respond necessarily. You choose the most sympathetic one and go! That’s how I found my like-minded friends in Hungary. My grandfather was missing on May 5, 1945. We searched for him for a long time, in vain. And suddenly – good luck! On a site his burial was found. In Hungary, where he disappeared… I used the above scheme to contact the Russian-speaking Hungarians. One of them went to the military cemetery and sent me a photo report. The other contacted the embassy and the archives. Now I am planning the trip.

He who seeks, he will always find! He who walks the path, finds the way

Hotel reservation canceled
The hotel is booked (but not paid for), but you arrive later than your reservation date. For example, it’s past midnight and your room has already been rented to other people. A similar incident happened to us in Hong Kong where we were returning from the Philippines. Due to a storm, the flight was canceled and we did not go to Manila, where we were supposed to fly to Hong Kong, but to Cebu. We waited there for a few hours for the next flight and then flew to Hong Kong. I was able to call the hotel a little later than necessary, so the room reservation was canceled.

What should I do?
Demand another room or recommend another hotel. Ask to find an alternative directly at the reception, preferably not far from the “old” hotel. In our case, a similarly priced alternative was found, although it was about 1 am.

The flight was canceled.
You had a hotel reservation for 3 days, it safely ended, and you were about to leave. In our case it was a low-cost airline, which was supposed to fly from Girona, but the flight was moved (they combined two flights) for the next day.

What to do?
This is the easiest case, we just extended our stay in Barcelona for one more night and went to the nearest tapas bar to celebrate the extended vacation.

Accidentally in a foreign city without a hotel reservation, where to run?
You find yourself in a foreign city without any reservation at all. For example because of an unexpected change of route by the airline, or the car broke down on the road, or just a place you really liked.

What to do?

Look for accommodation directly on the spot, using your smartphone or tablet, no tablet or smartphone – go to an Internet cafe or anywhere where there is a computer, now it is not a problem;
If it is daytime, go straight to the information center, they are available in every tourist town regardless. They will help you and advise you on the hotel, we did so during a trip on the German alpine road, because we did not know which town we would like more.
If there is no info center nearby, or the time is off, or you are on the outskirts of town, or just do not know where the info center is – ask cab drivers, they will suggest an inexpensive accommodation and even take you there.

A special case from the previous – ask the police, they can even take you to the hotel or info center for free, they will tell you exactly.


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