How to protect yourself while sleeping

There are many different opinions about how much sleep a person needs in order to feel awake and full of energy.

But you will probably agree that after waking up each of us wants to be in a good mood and have enough energy to face the new day.

And what to do in the case when the mood is at zero, and you wake up inexplicably anxious and even more tired than before going to bed?

Especially since the collective energy of thousands, even millions of people contributes to it…

But before making any recommendations, I suggest reading the “theoretical” part ))

By the way, at the end of the article you will see an audio player… for those who like to listen rather than read.

When you go to sleep, only your body sleeps, your consciousness is awake and it moves through different parallel realities, different events, different layers, i.e. it goes where it wants to go. It doesn’t always go where we want it to go. As a matter of fact, it does.

Very often it happens that some anxiety, some disturbing thought, some conflict, especially now in light of recent events, it’s written inside. No matter how much we try to tune in to the positive throughout the day, subconsciously that thought sits there. We fall asleep, our conscious part shuts down, and our spiritual part goes for a walk.

Where do you think it might go in that state, led by those anxious thoughts and doubts?

Certainly to where the proper vibrations are – to the center of all these events that are going on.

As a result, instead of resting, filled with strength, filled with serenity, waking up rested, we wake up not only tired, as if we plowed all night or carried water on you, plus still in a disgusting mood.

Moreover, because the physical body constrains us, it is a powerful instrument of limitation, because for energy itself, at the level of energy, there is no time or space. If physically we cannot teleport from one place to another, then energetically or on the level of thought we can walk there with ease.

Likewise, there are no distances between people. We keep forgetting that we have a two-way exchange process. If there is a person somewhere who is blowing all kinds of emotions toward you, whether it’s hatred, envy, irritation, rage, i.e. any spectrum of negative, but also positive emotions, it all gets sent to us, and we read it.

We may not be aware of it, but then there is a sensation inside that the solar plexus is twisting. And it may be spinning in such a side background, i.e. background noise, like something is anxiously eating away and it’s not clear what.

If you suddenly consciously think in the direction of this person, or receive a letter, or read some unpleasant text message, then immediately all this increases manifold. Feelings increase because the channel is two-way.

You can not think about this person at all, you can forget about any conflict, you can just tune yourself into a positive wave, stay positive. But if the person is broadcasting in your direction an obvious negative, very low vibration, you will still feel it.

Especially now, when, let’s say, on the one hand, sensitivity to all these external infusions plus emotions is heightened, on the other hand, if you really practice meditative, spiritual practices, energy practices, then by definition you should have a higher sensitivity than someone who is not doing that.

So the impact is much higher. This is where the tools of protection come into play.

How to protect yourself while you sleep

  1. surround yourself before going to sleep with a dense cocoon of white light

Don’t forget that you can always surround yourself with a dense cocoon. This is the easiest way and should be done on automatic.

Like the multiplication table you remember learning in school, had to wake up at night, from the teeth to bounce it off. Similarly, there are some rules to follow. In particular, surround yourself with a white dense light, or imagine that you are in a luminous white cocoon through which nothing passes.

If all of a sudden any anxieties arise, instantly, you know, as if the start button has been pressed, and it surrounds you inside. In order for automatism in actions to appear, you just need to visualize it several times in a relaxed state, visualize it very clearly, so clearly that you even feel that the space around you thickens, begins to shine, and through this white light nothing passes from outside to you.

If you achieve this sense of viscosity, this sense of reality, that this is not just a figment of your imagination, that indeed reality around you is changing, you feel this protection and security.

  1. Create a safe haven for yourself

Likewise, I recommend that before you go to sleep, you specifically direct yourself to where you are going in your dream. Some of the great masters have recommended that you build yourself a secret refuge, something like a house or a place of your dreams, something that in reality you don’t have, but that you would like to have.

For some it’s a villa, for some it’s a simple house by the sea, for some it’s the mountains, some hut. I.e. what your imagination prompts, the main thing is that you feel safe there and can rest there.

Instead of drifting off to sleep uncontrollably, so that your subtle bodies can go wherever they want. Several times, first of all, consciously plot with all the details: a mountain stream, just mountains, on the shore of a lake, by the sea, a pine forest, to whomever is closer. That is, the atmosphere of the space can be anything. It is a virtual space that you create yourself.

Imagine a quiet refuge, and when you go to sleep, say to yourself: “I’m going to sleep in my favorite secret place,” to make sure that you’re okay, you won’t pick up extraneous energies and emotions while you sleep.

  1. Invoke a Guardian Angel to protect your sleep

Plus, you can always call on a Guardian Angel for protection. That’s why they are called Guardian Angels. Those who are far advanced, it is already ridiculous for them to call on them – we are the creators ourselves. But sometimes it’s necessary. Especially if you have some serious conflict, some showdown, you know what you’re going through. So take care of yourself beforehand. It’s logic and analysis.

You know you’re worried about it, no matter how consciously you’re trying to deal with it, you’re suppressing some of those energies anyway. So in a dream you can, when the control of consciousness goes down, directly open up to all these energies. In the morning you’ll wake up broken, feeling anxious.

Invoke protection. There is a favorite great Master – call on them. Guardian Angels – call them.

I always recommend calling on Archangel Michael. He is the guardian guardian of all people for a reason, and in the most difficult cases, so emotionally difficult for me, I have always called upon him.

  1. Protect the space in which you live

In the evening before you go to sleep, when you begin to fall asleep, you have a natural meditative state, you may not even go into it on purpose. Imagine that you are a great painter who draws: you take a brush and paint the walls with purple stripes, you can paint the ceiling, you can paint the floor.

If you want, add some creativity to it: specks of white, gold threads, whatever your imagination allows. The main thing that at this moment you create a protection, protection through which no another’s influence on energetic and spiritual level will pass to you.

Draw violet threads on all walls, on all windows, importantly, on all doors so that when you enter the house all negative things would stay behind the doors… How does the violet light work? It cleanses all the emotions, all the negativity, everything that you picked up somewhere outside so it doesn’t come into the house. It will benefit you and all your relatives who live in that place.

For those who live in the apartment/house not alone, ask for permission from the Higher Self of everyone involved: husband – husband, grandmother – so grandmother, child – so child. So they don’t have withdrawal later, especially the older generation.

  1. Take a “purple” shower in the morning.

If you suddenly wake up in an anxious state, don’t forget to cleanse yourself. If you’re in the habit of doing energy exercises, bathe yourself in a purple shower before chasing all those currents.

If you take a shower in the morning, imagine that you are not just taking a shower, but also swimming in waves of purple light. That is, codify the daily ritual of taking a shower in the morning with your action, your intention, that at that moment all unbalanced emotions drain away from you, if there are intrusive thoughts, they drain away.

  1. Cleansing the apartment with candles

If someone is attracted to religion, do not forget to periodically light a candle, by the way, not necessarily a church candle, and just go around the apartment with a lighted candle, looking into all the corners. If you also put intention behind that, that you are burning out the stagnant energies, it will work.

Basically, you can use any tool here, as long as you know what you’re using it for. But the most important thing I direct your attention to is that both your mood and the state in which you wake up are all up to you.

Will you succumb to that state, or will you take control once again and make an effort, quite small as you see it, to change it. And after a while it will begin to happen automatically. You’ll already fall asleep and automatically say, “I’m going there.


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