Is Sleeping On Two Mattresses Bad For Your Back?

Have you ever thought of putting one mattress on top of another? The thought must have crossed your mind. It can be tempting to lay a mattress on top of another one in an attempt to increase comfort, or sleeping height, or just because you can’t bring yourself to throw the older one out just yet! If you’re short on space, you might also stack one on another. However, is sleeping on two mattresses bad for your back. Well, that is something that you need to know before sleeping on two mattresses. This article particularly addresses the question.

Can You Put Two Mattresses On Top Of Each Other?

The answer to this question is no! Stacking two mattresses on top of each other and sleeping in them is not advisable. This will most likely cause back pain or trouble when it comes to warranty, you may also overheat, trigger allergies and make insomnia worse.

Why You Should No Put One Mattress On Another?

One of the reasons that you should not put two memory foam mattresses on top of each other is because most memory foam mattresses are exclusively designed for one person.

This means that the very top layer of your mattress consists of a soft ‘comfort zone’ made with a unique material that adapts to your exact shape for added comfort – the mattress has two layers that are both supportive. There’s the ‘transition layer’ and a ‘support layer’. The transition layer gradually gives way to the support layer, which doesn’t let you sink too deep into the mattress.

Here’s a quick guide on how the different layers in our mattress are constructed. The top layer is made up of soft and plush memory foam, as you go about halfway down you hit the balance foam which provides a moderate level of support, then there’s the firmer velour underlay at the bottom.

When you rest a firmer base of memory foam against the softer, more cushy layers of the top mattress, this can compromise stability. This is especially true if the one-bed partner is heavier and puts more pressure on one side.

Problems Caused By Sleeping On Two Mattresses

It is not advised to sleep on two mattresses as it can cause many problems. Let us highlight those problems.

Causes Back Pain

Stacking mattresses can lead to back pain because they disrupt the stability and firmness of the surface you’re sleeping on.

It is not easy to sleep on your front regardless of the right mattress. That’s because a major risk is sinking too deep into the bed. This can lead to nerve pain and lower back issues.

The integrity of each mattress decreases with time, which leads to the sinking feeling and increasing pressure on your back. This increases the likelihood that you’ll feel pain in your lower back.

Changes to the firmness of your mattress due to material degradation or structural instability can lead to stiffness and soreness in multiple regions of your body. That’s why experts recommend changing your mattress every 8-10 years.

Damages The Mattress Foam

This can cause sagging, indentations, dips and valleys to be formed in your memory foam mattress.

If you were to get a new mattress, then it probably won’t last as long. This means that you’re going to need to get another one much sooner, so the best idea would be to keep them separate and just get one in the first place.

Leads To Overheating

One of the most common complaints about memory foam mattresses is that they can cause you to feel too hot.

This is because traditional memory foam needs to absorb your body heat in order for the mattress to reconfigure itself and adjust to your exact body shape.

Voids The Mattress Warranty

Many memory foam mattresses nowadays come with generous warranties that last for 5, 10, and even 15 years.

The retail market is full of different brands and styles, so it’s easy to get lost in terms of protecting your investment. But mattresses are often made with specific frames in mind, so a few mistakes here and there may void your warranty!

Causes Allergies

Foam mattresses are made of several layers of foam and lack cracks, which means that pesky dust mites can’t thrive or lay eggs near the surface.

And with many brands using hypoallergenic covers on their memory foam mattresses, these types of beds can go some way toward helping reduce allergy symptoms by inhibiting mold growth and reducing the uptake of allergens like dust mites. Pollen, mites, and other irritants are kept outside your bedroom.

But this is all ruined when you stack your foam mattresses.


Can I Stack Double-Sided Mattresses Made Of Memory Foam?

You shouldn’t stack mattresses on top of each other, because you will still encounter the same problems with quality, warranty, accidents, and even allergies and pain.

Is There Any Substitute To Stacking Worn-out Mattresses?

The only option is to get a new one!

In Essence

It is not advised to sleep on two mattresses as it can lead to a number of serious problems. A smart decision would be to invest in a quality mattress that will last long.


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