What happens to your spine if you sleep on the floor for a month

30 days sleeping on the floor

The fact that sleeping in a soft bed is not conducive to good posture and back health has been known to us since childhood. But what will happen if we abandon the bed as such and sleep on the bare floor? This question, in particular, was asked by blogger Vladislav Petrenko. The guy decided to make an experiment: 30 days to sleep directly on the wooden floor. The result, according to Vlad, exceeded all expectations.

The video about how to do 15,650 push-ups in 30 days from scratch has already been viewed by more than 7 million people. His second challenge, doing 6,500 pull-ups in 30 days, has also garnered an impressive audience. The guy kept challenging himself, and millions of users watched with interest. With time, he got a second channel, and the themes of his videos began to go beyond sports and physical education. Now Petrenko not only demonstrates miracles of endurance, but also gives advice on business, personal growth, psychology and family life.

The young man monetizes his popularity through marathons, through which subscribers can work on themselves and learn new skills. For example, to sit on the splits or to promote his channel. One such Petrenko marathon was about proper posture. After immersing himself in the topic, the blogger learned that the quality of sleep has a huge impact on the health of the back. This discovery inspired Vlad to make a curious experiment: sleep on the floor for 30 days.
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What happens if you sleep on the floor for a month?

Petrenko began trying different sleeping positions on his own experience and decided that the toughest option suited him: sleeping on the bare floor. “The whole floor is my bed,” Vlad says.
During the challange, the blogger slept on a thin sheet in the supine position. Under a blanket, but without a pillow. The first night Vlad could not sleep for three hours because of a feeling of discomfort that persisted until he fully relaxed his body. On the second night it took him an hour and a half, on the third – half an hour. And at the end of the challenge the blogger enthusiastically expressed his emotions: “The magic has happened!” The guy asserted that by sleeping on the floor he had learned to relax his muscles in minutes. In his opinion, soft mattresses only imitate relaxation, while the body, even during sleep, is in a tense state.

After 30 days, the hero of the experiment noticed that he began to wake up easier. The floor, unlike a soft bed, is uncomfortable to just lie on, so immediately upon awakening you get the feeling that you are asleep and ready to start the day. But Vlad calls the main result of the challenge the complete absence of back pain. In addition, Petrenko believes that sleeping on a hard surface made it easier for him to keep his back straight during the day.

Vlad continued to sleep on the floor even after the clip was published, and only returned to the bed four months later. And for a new experiment. It took the blogger three nights to get used to the forgotten sensations, and after a few more days he began to sleep on the floor again.

What do doctors say about sleeping on the floor?

Telling about his experience, the blogger did not encourage blindly following his example, but suggested experimenting. Vlad’s subscribers liked the idea of sleeping on a hard surface, and many other channel authors advocate this practice. However, not everyone will benefit from giving up the familiar bed. Sleeping on the floor, with all its advantages, is quite extreme, and therefore necessarily requires prior consultation with a doctor.

Is it harmful or beneficial to sleep on the floor?

Modern medical science has no unambiguous answer to this question. Sleeping on a moderately hard surface helps to straighten the spine, normalize blood circulation and release clamps, but at the same time the natural curves of the spine disappear.
In some cases, doctors may recommend sleeping on a hard surface (on a thin mattress or blanket, but not on the bare floor), or, conversely, strongly prohibit this option. But in normal situations, most experts advise to find a balance. The bed should not be too soft or too hard, and under the head is better to put a small pillow or bolster. Most often doctors recommend choosing orthopedic mattresses for quality and comfortable sleep, which contribute to the prevention of spinal disorders.
Is it worth repeating the multifaceted blogger? Of course, it is always interesting to see what simple, at first glance, changes in the familiar way of life can lead to. Vlad Petrenko’s story about his own experience is really inspiring and motivating.
But before you follow his example, ask yourself: are you ready to trust your health to a blogger who is equally convincing about how to sleep properly, how to seduce a girl and how to make a lot of money quickly without special skills.


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